Dogs love begging for our food. Is it safe to give them a bite or two? That depends. Check with your San Jose, CA vet clinic to see what types of human food are okay for dogs.


There are plenty of people foods that dogs can eat. Meat and eggs are fine as long as they’re cooked. Whole grain rice, pasta and bread are good, as well as most fruits and veggies, cheese and unsalted peanut butter or pretzels. If you’re unsure about a food, check with your San Jose, CA vet clinic first.


Chocolate isn’t good for dogs. Neither are sugary foods like candy or soda. Some things you’d think are okay – bones, fat, raw meat and milk, for instance – aren’t safe, either. Other things you might not expect can be harmful, too – some fruits, nuts, and baking powder. Keep pets away from alcohol and caffeine. Your San Jose, CA vet clinic can give you a better list.

Common Sense

If you feel uncomfortable about something your dog wants to eat, don’t let him have it! Your San Jose, CA vet can help make a dietary plan.

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