Cats and birds have a natural predator-prey relationship. Is it safe for them to live in the same house? Not always, but it is doable. Always talk to your Colorado Springs, CO vet before you adopt a new pet.

Choosing a Bird

Before adopting a bird, think about which kind is best for you. Small birds, like canaries, don’t need much time out of the cage, whereas parrots do. However, small birds may be a more natural target for a feisty cat. Ask your Colorado Springs, CO vet what type of bird is best for you.


If you decide to have a cat and a bird, the best option is to keep the bird in a room to which the cat doesn’t have access. If you have a bird who spends time out of his cage, this may be more difficult. A spray bottle can help you keep your cat away from your bird. Your Colorado Springs, CO vet can suggest other methods.


If your cat and bird fight and are injured, it’s important to take them to your pet clinic Colorado Springs, CO right away and make sure to explain exactly what happened.

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