Since you just never know when an emergency situation may strike, the only way to properly deal with one is by being prepared ahead of time. Below, your Lansing, MI veterinarian tells you about the basics of building an emergency kit for your four-legged friend.


Basic Supplies

Most of your pet’s kit will be comprised of basic first-aid supplies like gauze, adhesive tape, bandages, a pet-safe disinfectant solution, tweezers, scissors, a pet thermometer, tongue depressors, and nail clippers. Also be sure to pack a few pairs of latex gloves to protect your hands.


Medical Records

Pack copies of your pet’s most recent medical records, including records of recent procedures, documentation of any conditions your pet manages, and proof of vaccinations. Seal these documents in a water-proof bag to be safe.


Pet Medications

Does your animal companion take medications to manage an ongoing condition? Be sure to include a spare supply in the emergency kit, because you simply never know when your pet might need their medicine. Check any expiration dates periodically and replace the meds if necessary.


Would you like help putting together an effective emergency kit for your pet? We’re here for you! Call your Vets Lansing, MI today.

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