Emergencies are frightening because they can catch you unaware. The best thing to do is be prepared, if you can. For our pets, making an emergency kit is a wise move. Here, your veterinarian Leesburg, VA tells you what to include. 

First-Aid Supplies

No emergency kit is complete without first-aid supplies. Make sure to include things like bandages, gauze, medical tape, a pet-safe disinfectant, tweezers, scissors, a pet thermometer, styptic powder or pens, tongue depressors, and a few soft towels. Don’t forget to pack several pairs of latex gloves to protect your hands. 

Medical Records and Medication

Put your pet’s medical records—proof of vaccination, documentation of any recent medical work your pet has had done, etc.—in a sealed waterproof bag. Pack a supply of any medications your pet takes to manage a condition, and check the expiration dates on the drugs periodically if applicable. 

Long-Term Supplies

If a disastrous weather event or some other incident forces you away from home, you’ll want to have some long-term pet supplies on hand. Consider packing canned food, a can opener, a leash and collar, and a pet bed.

Call your veterinary clinic Leesburg, VA for more tips on building a pet emergency kit.

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