This is a question that comes up quite often when people have small children. What type of dog is the best? A big one who is docile and easygoing? A small one that is less likely to knock over or step on your small child? What’s really the best? Keep in mind that this is a great conversation for your and your Niagara Falls vet.


Truthfully, it’s far more important to look at the individual dog. Shopping specifically by breed has many negative things going along with it, to include puppy farms. Your Niagara Falls vet can help you find a great rescue adoption place.


Characteristic traits are really the most ideal way to determine which dog is best for your small child. Look for a dog who is patient and is fairly low-energy. This will prevent any accidents during play.

Try taking your child to the adoption center and see how a screened dog will interact. This can be a great indicator. Keep in touch with your veterinary clinic niagara falls for the best information on dogs for children.


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