People have long held anecdotally that there are definitive differences in those who prefer cats and those who prefer dogs. Some of what a recent study has found might be surprising! If you have any questions on pet care, make sure and check with your Livonia pet clinic.

Dog Lovers

In the study that CBS News reported, dog people tended to be more lively and outgoing – much like their canine companions. And, surprisingly to some, the dog loving section of the study was the majority at 60%. For more information on dog care, check with your Livonia pet clinic.

Cat Lovers

Cat lovers made up the remaining percentage and were found to primarily be more introverted. Furthermore, cat lovers tended to be less of “rule followers”, being perfectly content to go their own way and break from the group. For the best information on cat care, check with your Livonia pet clinic.

Whether you love dogs or cats – or both! – we all love our animals dearly. If you ever need anything for your pet, check with Livonia pet clinic.

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