You’ve probably taken an antibiotic in your day. Did you know that these medications are also common in the world of veterinary care? Learn more about antibiotics for pets in this article from animal hospital Columbia, MD.

What Do Antibiotics Do?

Antibiotics kill bacteria that are on or in a pet’s body. Different antibiotics work in different ways; some weaken cell walls, some stop bacteria from multiplying, and some interfere with bacteria cells’ ability to repair themselves. Note that antibiotics do not treat viral infections, only bacterial ones.

How Are They Given to Pets?

Bacterial infections on the skin (external infections) are often treated with an antibiotic cream, gel, or ointment that is applied topically. Otherwise, your pet’s antibiotic will probably come in the form of a pill. Some oral antibiotics should be taken with food to improve the rate of absorption, while some must be given on an empty stomach.

Can Side Effects Occur?

Although rare, some pets can experience side effects of antibiotics, such as vomiting or diarrhea. Let your vet know promptly if you think your pet is suffering.

Want to learn more about your pet’s medication? We’re here to help. Contact your veterinary clinic Columbia, MD.

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