You may not realize it, but cats say a lot with their tails. Your Thorold, ON vet can tell you more about your cat’s body language, but here are a few things to look for in your own feline companion.


Cats’ tails help cats stay balanced. If your older cat’s balance is declining, talk to your Thorold, ON vet.

Good Mood

A cat walking with his tail straight up is confident. If the tail is vibrating, your cat is feeling affectionate. If the tail is curved like a question mark, he is feeling playful. Cats sitting with their tails wrapped around each other are expressing affection.

Bad Mood

When a cat’s tail is low, it’s a sign of aggression. If the tail is tucked between his legs, he’s feeling submissive or scared. If he frequently acts this way around other pets, they may be fighting, so talk to your Thorold, ON vet.

A swishing tail means he may be about to pounce or may be angry. A tail whipping back and forth quickly means anger. If your cat is frequently angry, you should to talk to your animal hospital Thorold, ON.

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