If you own a cat, you’ve probably seen them knead before. This term refers to your cats pressing her front paws into a soft object, like a blanket or pillow, in an alternating fashion. Have you ever wondered why Fluffy does this? Learn more below from animal hospital Derby. 

Cats Napping Prep

You’ve probably seen your cat knead a surface before napping. It’s thought that large cats in the wild knead dirt or grass surfaces to soften them up a bit for themselves or their litters. Perhaps this behavior has trickled down to your domesticated cat! 

Nursing Instincts

Kittens often knead their mother’s belly during nursing, which is thought to stimulate milk production. It’s possible that your adult cat associates the action of kneading with the comforting sensations of the nursing period. 

Scent Marking

Cats’ paw pads contain scent glands that release scents into objects that your cat kneads. So, Fluffy is marking her territory when she kneads things, whether it’s a pillow or your leg! It’s your cat’s way of marking you as her very own. 

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