Emergencies are scary because there’s no good way to address them, other than being prepared ahead of time. So do just that! Here, your vets  Leesburg, VA tells you how to put together an emergency kit for your pet. 

First-Aid Supplies

Most of your pet’s kit will be made up of first-aid supplies that you can use to respond to a medical incident in a pinch. Include gauze, bandages, a pet thermometer, tweezers, a styptic pen or powder, a pet-safe disinfectant solution, scissors, and a few pairs of latex gloves. Also, include a supply of any medications your pet takes. 

Medical Records

Seal medical records like proof of vaccinations, documentation of recent medical procedures, and proof of ownership in a waterproof plastic bag. These documents can prove life-saving—sometimes literally!—if you have to visit an unfamiliar vet’s office or shelter. 

Long-Term Essentials

Should a disaster situation like an earthquake, hurricane, wildfire, chemical spill, or flood force you and your pet away from home for a while, you’ll want some long-term pet supplies. Pack canned food, a can opener, bottled water, a leash, soft blankets, and a pet toy.

Contact your veterinarians  Leesburg, VA if your pet needs an appointment.