Playing is a normal part of life for most pets. Did you know that it’s about more than good plain fun? Playtime is essential for your pet’s well-being! Learn more here from a vet Westminster, MD.


Of course, a pet who is playing is getting great exercise. Physical activity is a must for any pet—it means that your companion is burning off excess calories and avoiding dangerous obesity. Play with your pet regularly so that they get the physical activity they need; use a favorite toy or go on a fun jog around the yard.

Mental Stimulation

Playing is also an excellent way to keep your pet’s mind engaged. When a pet lays around all day without getting any interaction, they become sedentary. Playing exercises the mind as well as the body, and it helps to prevent bad behavior as well!

Bonding Time

There is another benefit to playtime: it offers the perfect opportunity for quality bonding between pet and owner. Your relationship with your pet is an important one; nurture it on a regular basis with playtime, because it’s an extra-special bond!

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