Does your pet have a microchip? It’s simply the best way to keep your animal friend identified properly for a lifetime. Here, your veterinarian London, ON  tells you about three great benefits of the microchip:

It’s Consistent

With a microchip, your pet remains identified at all times. They can’t remove their own microchip, the way ID tags on the collar could be chewed away or accidentally ripped off. Even if your pet escapes unexpectedly, you have the peace of mind knowing that your companion remains identified!

It’s Painless

The microchipping procedure is virtually painless for your pet—the chip capsule is inserted with a specialized hypodermic needle, and all your pet feels is a slight pinch. There is a very small chance of minor swelling or irritation for a day or so, but all in all the procedure is virtually risk-free!

It’s Cost-Effective

Even if you move or get a new telephone number, you don’t need to purchase a new microchip. Simply contact the manufacturer and have your personal information updated. You’ll only have to purchase one microchip for your pet’s entire life!

Ready to get your pet set up with a microchip? Contact your veterinary clinic London ON,  today.