Separation anxiety is one of the more common behavioral ailments among our canine friends. It can be debilitating for both dogs and their owners! Wondering if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety? A veterinarian Frisco, TX discusses three common symptoms below:


A hallmark symptom of separation anxiety is whining. Excessive vocalization might take the form of loud howling, whining, growling, or barking. If your dog starts whining in some way whenever you leave the room, separation anxiety might be to blame.

Destructive Behaviors

Dogs experiencing separation anxiety tend to act out destructively. This may mean your dog chews or scratches up furniture and personal items. In addition to the damage this can cause to your home and belongings, it can hurt your dog, as chewing and scratching excessively can lead to chipped teeth, fractured nails, and cuts!

Attempted Escape

A dog with separation anxiety might try to escape their enclosure by digging or chewing. This can result in a lost dog!

Do you suspect your dog has separation anxiety? You’ll need the help of professionals to get things under control. Set up an appointment with your animal hospital Frisco, TX today to get started. We’re here to help!