Even if you’re extremely conscientious about pet safety, you probably already have a few potential poisons in your home right now! Keep your pet safe with these tips from a vet Roanoke, VA.

Toxic Food

There are many human foods that pets shouldn’t have. The list includes garlic, onions, chives, grapes and raisins, scallions, shallots, chocolate, candy, gum, avocado, fatty foods, salty items like chips and pretzels, alcoholic beverages, and much more. Store all harmful foods in closed containers or inside cabinets or the refrigerator.

Cleaning Products

Most cleaning products could harm a pet who manages to swallow them! Everything from carpet cleaner, household disinfectants, and air fresheners to furniture polish and bleach poses a threat. Keep pets elsewhere if you’re using strong cleaning chemicals, and keep the supply closet shut tightly at all times.


If you use pesticides, rodenticides, or similar products in your home to ward off pests, use caution. These substances can also poison house pets! Place pesticides carefully, and consider non-toxic options that are safer for households with pets.

To learn more about pet toxins at home, contact your vet clinic Roanoke, VA. We’re always here to help with all of your pet’s care needs!