Are you going to be bringing home a second cat in the near future? You’ll want to make sure that your feline friends start off on the right paw so that they get along with each other well. Your Frisco, TX veterinarian offers a few tips below:

Proper Introductions

Don’t toss your cats together all at once and assume they’ll figure things out. It’s best to introduce them slowly—try using pet gates or baby gates to give them separate areas of the house. This way, they can warm up to each other gradually.

Separate Bathroom and Feeding

By keeping your cats to separate bathroom and feeding areas, you’re avoiding any territorial behavior that could set your cats up poorly. Maintain two separate litter boxes, and put your cats’ food and water dishes in different areas until they’re more comfortable.

Preventative Medicine

Remember to keep all of your cats’ preventative medicines—vaccines, pest preventatives, etc.—up to date to avoid any transmission of diseases, infections, or infestations. You don’t want to start your cats’ introductions off with a bout of sickness!

To learn more about owning multiple cats, talk to your vets Frisco, TX professional. We are here to help!