Many older pets start to slow down as they advance in age, and this is perfectly normal. However, even senior pets need their exercise! Learn more about exercising your senior pet safely below from an Oshawa, ON vet.

Gentle Walks

Senior dogs—and even some cats!—will Enjoy gentle walks through the neighborhood, especially during the milder months of the year. Keep walks relatively short so as not to exhaust your animal companion, and have them avoid hot blacktop or dangerous gravel roads.

Fun Games

Your older pet will enjoy fun games like fetch, tug-of-war, or catch-the-laser-dot just as much as they used to, although they might not be as energetic during playtime! It’s a great way to exercise your animal friend while engaging their mind as well.


Not all pets are cut out for swimming, but those that are will get a great workout. It’s always safest for you, the owner, to head into the water with your pet to provide support. Talk to your veterinarian for more information about swimming with your pet.

Regular veterinary appointments are essential for keeping your aging pet’s health in peak condition. Set up a consultation with your pet clinic Oshawa, ON