Did you know that it’s rather common for cats to develop litterbox aversions? This means that they shun their litterbox entirely or only use it intermittently. Obviously, this can be a real problem for cat owners! Below, your vet Livonia, MI tells you about the most common reasons and how to rectify the issue.


If you don’t keep your cat’s box clean, she won’t keep using it—like us, cats want to do their business in clean facilities! Scoop out your cat’s box daily and refresh the litter entirely about once a week.


First, make sure your cat’s bathroom is placed somewhere accessible that isn’t blocked off when you leave the house. Secondly, put your cat’s box in a quiet area without a lot of human or pet traffic. This way, she won’t be disturbed while using it!

Litter Preference

Cats can be picky about their litter preferences. Some might like scented litters while others insist on non-scented varieties. There are also multiple granule sizes that different cats prefer. You may have to experiment a little to find what your feline friend likes.

For help with your cat’s litterbox aversion, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian Livonia, MI.