Preventive medicine, as they say, is the best medicine! Not only is it cheaper than treatment, it’s more effective. Here, your veterinarian Rochester, NY tells you about a few key components of proper preventive care for your cat.


Feline distemper, the feline leukemia virus, influenza, hepatitis, rabies… there is no shortage of harmful diseases that your cat can come down with. The trick is preventing the problem before it begins via proper vaccination. If your cat needs to be vaccinated, or if their current vaccines need to be updated, call your vet’s office.

Diet and Exercise

Feed your cat an age-appropriate, high-quality diet that is formulated just for their particular nutritional needs. Exercise Fluffy on a regular basis with fun play sessions and toys. Combined together, these methods will help keep your pet’s weight under control and ultimately keep your cat healthy for a lifetime.

Pest Control

Ward off pesky fleas, ticks, and worms with proper preventive medications. Talk to your vet about getting your cat set up with these products for an infestation- and disease-free life.

Does your cat need a veterinary exam, vaccinations, or pest-control medicines? We’re here for you! Set up an appointment today at your animal hospital Rochester, NY.