If you own a dog, you know that it isn’t always easy to give your dog a pill. Of course, your pet can’t go without their medication! Learn about some tricks for administering your dog’s pill from a vet Columbia, MD.

Give With Food

Many times, the easiest way to give your dog his pill is to hide it in a glob of wet dog food or in the center of a large dog treat. You can even wrap it in a roll of deli meat. Dogs will typically gobble up the morsel without realizing there was medicine inside! Check with your vet to make sure your dog’s medicine is safe to be taken with food.

Crush or Grind

Some pills can be crushed or ground, then sprinkled or stirred into your dog’s regular meal. Ask your vet before doing so, though; you don’t want to render your dog’s medication ineffective.

Chewable Varieties

Did you know that some pills come in chewable or flavored forms? They’re made to taste like dog treats, so dogs typically swallow them whole! Ask your pet clinic Columbia, MD if your dog’s medicine is available in a chewable form. We are always here to help!