Do you know what kneading is? It’s something that you may have seen your cat do many times! Kneading involves an alternated pressing of the front paws into a soft surface. Learn why your cat may do this below from a vet North Phoenix, AZ.

Napping Prep

The ancient ancestors of our domesticated cats probably kneaded grass or dirt surfaces in the wild to prepare for sleep. It’s quite possible that this behavior has been passed down, generation to generation, to modern housecats! You’ve probably seen Fluffy knead before bedding down for a nap.

Nursing Instinct

Kittens knead the mother’s belly during nursing; it’s believed to stimulated milk production. Cats may knead as adults as a sort of remnant behavior, and it may even give them the same feelings of contentment they had during the nursing stage!

Territory Marking

Your cat’s paw pads contain scent glands and the action of kneading releases scents into whatever object your cat is on. This is your cat’s way of marking her territory as her very own!

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