Did you know that many of our pets—some studies estimate nearly half!—are overweight? If your dog or cat falls into that category, it’s important to turn things around. Use these tips from a Lafayette, LA veterinarian to do just that.

Veterinary Visit

First, pay a visit to your vet’s office. Your vet will tell you just how much weight your pet needs to lose, and you’ll work together to come up with a tailored weight-loss plan that helps your pet shed the pounds safely.

Portion Control and Diet

Your pet’s portions might need to be slimmed, as overfeeding is a leading cause of obesity amongst domesticated pets. A total diet change may be necessary as well; if your pet isn’t receiving the proper nutrients through food, a new diet choice will be needed. Your veterinarian will provide further details.

Exercise Tips

No diet plan is complete without exercise. Your veterinarian can tell you about the best ways to exercise your pet daily—most of the time, walks, jogs in the backyard, and regular play sessions do the trick.

Ready to help your pet lose those extra pounds? Set up an appointment at your animal hospital Lafayette, LA today.