When it’s sunny and warm outdoors, pets are at risk. After all, they’re wearing a fur coat that they can’t take off! Here, your Ellicott City, MD veterinarian tells you how to keep your pet safe from the sun.

Indoor Time

The easiest way to make sure your pet doesn’t suffer from sunburn or become dehydrated is to give them plenty of indoor time. Keep outdoor excursions to a minimum—when it’s extremely hot, only allow your pet outdoors for small periods of time to mitigate the risk.

Hydration and Shade

When your animal companion does spend time outdoors, make sure there is at least one shaded area for him or her to cool off under. Place a large bowl of cool, fresh water at this spot to keep your pet well-hydrated and refreshed.


Did you know that cats and dogs can wear sunscreen, just like humans? Sunscreen made for us isn’t safe for them, though! Pick up a canine- or feline-formulated sunscreen at your local pet supply store if your four-legged friend will be spending an extended amount of time outdoors.

For more information on your pet’s health and wellness needs, call your  vet clinic Ellicott City, MD.