If you own a dog or are considering adopting one in the near future, you’ll undoubtedly have to transport them at one time or another. That’s why every dog needs a good carrier! Here, your Greenville, SC veterinarian gives you a few tips on how to choose:


Consider your dog’s size—both the size he is now and what size he may grow to be. In some cases, you’ll simply need to purchase another carrier down the road as your dog grows. In others, one carrier should work throughout your dog’s lifetime. Ask your vet for further advice on proper carrier size for your dog.


The carrier you choose should be sturdy and have a solid, effective latching mechanism on the door. Make sure there aren’t wide ventilation slits, either in the door or the sides of the carrier, that a dog could stick a paw through.


All good carriers should have no sharp edges inside. Also make sure that there’s enough space to easily fit a soft blanket or food and water dishes in the carrier if necessary.

Want help choosing the perfect carrier for your pooch? Give your Vets Greenville, SC professional a call today!