It seems that dogs either love or hate car rides. If your canine companion falls into the latter category, there are a few things you can do to reduce his anxiety. Learn more below from a North Phoenix, AZ veterinary professional.

Get Dog Used to Carrier

Often, dogs experience car anxiety because of their anxiety toward their crate, which only ever takes them to the vet’s office. Try getting your dog used to the carrier beforehand; place toys and treats in it so that your dog associates it with good things.

Get Dog Used to Car

Have your dog explore your car while it’s off, simply sitting in the driveway. You can also try taking your dog on short drives, perhaps to a local park, so that your dog sees that not all car rides are bad.

Ride Tips

While your dog is riding in the car, keep him safely secured in the carrier at all times. Some dogs enjoy music played at a low volume, or having the windows cracked slightly. Avoid feeding Fido for at least two hours before a car ride to reduce the chance of motion sickness.

Ask your veterinarian North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian for more advice.