Is your pet getting up there in the age department? It’s important that we show our senior animal companions love and attention during their golden years. Here, your Frisco, TX vet gives you three tips on making your pet’s life a little easier.

Feeding a Proper Diet

Feeding your older cat or dog a specially formulated senior diet will keep their body in tip-top shape physically, and it will provide the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for the needs of aging animals. Ask your vet to provide a recommendation, and also ask about proper portion size.

Home Modification

Try setting up pet ramps or stairs around the home; these are great for helping older pets to get up on the couch, a favorite windowsill, or up and down the staircase. You can purchase these items at a local pet supply store, or build your own at home.

Regular Vet Visits

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that your pet sees their veterinarian on a regular basis. If anything is amiss, your vet can catch it early and administer prompt treatment.

Call your Vet Frisco, TX if your beloved pet needs veterinary attention. We’re here to help!