Do you have an indoor cat? They need their exercise just like other pets! Unfortunately, our indoor cats’ sedentary lifestyle can often lead to obesity. Prevent it with these tips from a Greenwood, IN vet.


There’s no substitute for good old-fashioned toys. Make sure your cat has a large selection of high-quality cat toys so that she can keep herself entertained. Check out her toys to make sure there aren’t small pieces that could be ripped off, swallowed, and choked on.

Laser Light

Many cats love darting around, chasing that pesky red light that they just can’t seem to catch. Pick up a laser light toy at your local pet supply store or retail outlet and see if your cat goes for it. Just make sure not to shine the light directly in your feline friend’s eyes.

Cat Towers

Cat towers are another good way to allow your cat to entertain herself, especially when you’re not home. Not only do cat towers provide several levels for jumping, climbing, and surveying, they often come with built-in scratching posts and even toys.

Does your cat need an exercise plan? Call your Veterinary clinic Greenwood IN office today to speak with the professionals.