Are you going to be traveling with your pet soon? Pet-friendly hotels can be a wonderful help. Here, your Indianapolis, IN veterinarian gives you a few tips.

Finding a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Do some research online to find out about pet-friendly hotels in your destination area or about hotel chains that have a pet-friendly policy. You can also try asking relatives, friends, or your local veterinarian about pet-friendly hotels they know of.

Policy Restrictions

Once you’ve found a pet-friendly hotel, it’s very important to read the policy carefully. There may be certain restrictions involved: type of animal, breed, size, amount of animals you can bring, etc. You don’t want to get to your destination only to find out that your animal companion isn’t welcome!

Plan Ahead

Make sure you do a little research to find vets’ offices and emergency care facilities at your destination and along your route. This way, if a problem occurs, you’ll know where to go in order to get your pet professional help. You’ll also want to bring along a pet first-aid kit just in case, especially if your journey is a long one.

Talk to your vets Indianapolis, IN for more information on traveling with pets.