If you own a dog, you know it’s easier said than done to give your pet a pill. If you’d like a few suggestions on making the process easier, use these tips from your Indianapolis, IN vet:

The Hiding Method

Most dog owners find success by simply hiding the pill inside of a glob of wet food or a soft dog treat. Dogs, unless they’re very picky, will typically take the morsel without ever realizing there was medication inside. Be sure to ask your vet if your dog’s medication can be taken with food; if not, you’ll have to find another way.

The Tossing Method

Does your dog enjoy catching treats mid-air? Take a few treats in one hand and a pill in the other. Begin tossing the treats one by one, then toss the pill. With luck, your dog won’t even realize he swallowed his medication!

The Crushing Method

Sometimes, a dog’s pill can be crushed and then sprinkled over or stirred into food. Always ask your vet before doing this, though—it’s possible that the medication can be rendered ineffective when this is done.

Do you have questions about your dog’s medication regimen? Call your pet clinic Indianapolis, IN.