Most people have heard of microchips for pets by now. They’re the absolute best way to keep your animal companion identified properly! Here, your Scottsdale, AZ vet goes over the advantages of microchips.

Consistent, Constant Identification

Some pets may be able to chew through, snag, or rip off a collar holding ID tags. They may even get the collar caught accidentally, ripping it off. With a microchip, you don’t have to worry about this. Pets cannot remove chips, as they’re implanted under the skin and remain there until removed by a professional.

Security of Information

Don’t like the idea of your phone number and home address being displayed on an ID tag for anyone to view? A microchip is the solution. It keeps your information secure—only veterinary professionals with the proper scanning equipment can read your contact information.

Easy to Update

If you move or get a new phone number, you don’t need to get your pet an entirely new microchip. Simply contact the chip manufacturer and have them update their database electronically. One call, and your pet’s information is updated!

Does your pet need a microchip? Set up an appointment at your local Scottsdale, AZ animal hospital today.