Unfortunately, pets in shelters tend to get a bad rap. Below, your Greenville, SC veterinarian sets the record straight on a few prevalent myths.

Shelter Pets Are Poorly Behaved

Some people think that pets wouldn’t wind up in a shelter in the first place if they were well-behaved. This is a fundamental misunderstanding—pets find themselves in shelters for many reasons, one of the least common of which is behavior issues. Most pets in shelters are perfectly well-behaved!

Shelter Pets Are Dirty

This simply isn’t true. Cleanliness and sanitation are essential in shelters in order to prevent the spread of disease. Even if a pet arrives at a shelter dirty, they’re bathed, clipped, given nail trims and vaccines, and even spayed or neutered if necessary.

Shelters Only Have Dogs and Cats

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that shelters only house dogs and cats. Many shelters and rescues have rodent, bird, and even reptile adoption programs. Some may even have exotic critters! If you’re in the market for a unique pet, check your local shelters first; you may find just what you’re looking for.

Talk to your veterinarian Greenville, SC for more information about shelters and the pets in them.