While your pet is much safer inside your home than out, there are several potential pet poisons in your home that you should be aware of. Learn more here from an Indianapolis, IN vet.

Human Medications

Did you know that aspirin, antidepressants, cough medication, various prescription drugs, and over-the-counter medicines can all prove harmful to pets? Never leave medications sitting around where pets could reach them. Remember: a determined pet can chew right through a child-proof plastic bottle cap!

Human Foods

Your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator likely contain some human foods that aren’t good for pets. The list of toxic foods includes grapes and raisins, onions, garlic, chives, avocado, salt, macadamia nuts, chocolate, caffeine, candy and gum, and much more. Store all harmful foods carefully, and ask your vet for a complete list.

Cleaning Products

Always keep your supply closet sealed when not using the products inside. Everything from bleaches and solvents to polishes, ammonia, and standard household cleaners can prove harmful to pets, so don’t allow animals access to this hazard zone.

Your pet clinic Indianapolis, IN can tell you about more pet toxins that you may have in your home—call the clinic today to keep your pet safe.