Did you know that dental disorders are some of the most common health problems that veterinarians treat in dogs? Use these tips from your Marietta, GA veterinarian to keep your dog’s dental health in order.


Your dog’s diet is key to her dental—and overall—health and well-being. Make sure your dog is being fed a high-quality, well-balanced canine diet that is appropriate for her age, breed, and health. Some dogs even benefit from diets formulated specifically for dental health; ask your vet if this may be a good choice for your pooch.

Home Brushing Sessions

Brush your dog’s teeth regularly using a dog-specific brush and toothpaste. Use small, circular brushing motions to effectively clean the outer surface of each tooth and eliminate plaque and tartar build up.

Visit Your Vet

The importance of preventative care cannot be stressed enough, especially when it comes to dental health. Regular dental check-ups will allow your veterinarian to catch any dental maladies early, treating them effectively before they develop into larger problems.

Most vets recommend that pets see their veterinarian at least twice a year. If your pooch needs an examination, contact your Marietta, GA veterinary clinic to set up an appointment.