There is a large movement in the world now focused on adopting dogs rather than paying for an expensive breed. This helps to decrease the population of stray animals and seriously inhibits the number of unwanted animals from puppy mills. But what are some considerations you might want to keep in mind before adopting one? Always check with your Gresham, OR vet clinic for the best information.

Plan Your Vet

It’s really important that you have a “basecamp” for medical treatment for your prospective new family member. Talk to your Gresham, OR vet clinic today and start to foster a relationship that will put you in the best position to prepare for your new arrival.

Get Pet Insurance

One of the wonderful opportunities now is the chance for pet insurance. Most pets will have at least one or two major health issues through the course of their lives. Thus, pet insurance simply makes sense. You never want to be caught between your pet’s life and the expense of a surgery you might not be able to afford. Check with your vet Gresham, OR for more.