Everyone wants the dog that will be perfect on leash, walk where you want her to, and be kind to strangers – be they people or dogs. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. So what should you do with your dog if he’s aggressive when on leash? For the best advice on pet care, check with your Jacksonville vet.

Tasty Dog Treats

For this, it’s best to have some pungent treats such as cut up hot dogs. Whenever you see the focus of your dog’s leash reactivity, be proactive. When you see the first sign of her reaction, pull out the treat and offer it to her. Over time, your dog will learn that things aren’t so threatening, he’ll look to you and have a positive association. For more on this, check with your Jacksonville vet.

Love and Attention

If treats aren’t on hand, try petting your dog and speaking calmly to her. This can help her understand that the situation isn’t as threatening as she thinks. Always handle the situation with compassion. Keep in mind that she’s only trying to defend you. For questions, ask your Jacksonville vet.