There is a trend that is becoming more and more popular – adopting a rescue! Rescues tend to come from the worst backgrounds. Some might have been abandoned, some abused. But you can be their happily ever after. Millions of people every year give a “forever home” to a pet in need. If you would like to know more about where to look for rescues, check with your Jacksonville vet.

Life Changing

It can be life changing for both you and the animal in question. Animals do so much to touch us every day. They are fiercely loyal. If you would like to hear more, ask your Jacksonville vet today!

Less Expensive

For some people, the barrier to getting a dog is the cost involved. Sometimes, at a breeder or pet store, the cost for a dog can be extremely high. Most shelters offer a very low cost (it usually just covers the basic expenses of taking care of the animals and shots). For more information, check with your Jacksonville vet.

Rescues are truly a blessing! If you have any questions about care or how to find one, check with your Jacksonville vet today!