It’s important to maintain your cat’s teeth. This can be a challenge at times, as cats can’t exactly say outright that their teeth are hurting. They rely on owners to notice a behavior change. For the best information, check with your Colorado Springs vet.


Sometimes, it is very obvious to detect infection or decay by an unusually foul odor coming from the cat’s mouth. It can be an easy indicator that it’s time to contact your Colorado Springs vet.


A cat’s gums should never be red. To check, use your thumbs to gently move the skin from around your cat’s mouth so you can get a good view of your cat’s gums. If they aren’t their normal pinkish hue, check with your Colorado Springs vet right away.


If your cat is avoiding food, it may be because he or she is experiencing discomfort and simply doesn’t wish to eat. If you find that your cat doesn’t want to eat like before, contact your Colorado Springs vet.

Looking out for your cat’s dental health will ensure a longer life and will save you the cost of expensive procedures in the future.