Have you ever found yourself with extra time? Have you ever wanted to volunteer your time and take care of animals? Have you ever wanted to take care of animals, but couldn’t afford it? Pet fostering might be for you! Check with your Aurora vet clinic for more information to see if you might be a good choice for fostering a pet.

Shelters are often overloaded.

Many of the animal shelters in your area need people to take home some pets who are recovering from surgery, can’t get along with other pets, or need some sort of other care that they can’t get from the shelter itself.

It costs little to nothing!

Fostering is an excellent option for people who would like to have a pet but can’t quite afford it. The shelter will often provide you with the necessities such as a crate, blankets, food, and even treats and toys.

If you have ever considered getting a dog, it can be very rewarding to foster. Check with your Aurora vet clinic for more information.