Some think that dogs have the market cornered on funny pet tricks – but that’s not the case at all! Tricks are great ways to develop a special bond with your cat. For any questions about cat care, check with your Livonia vet. Here are some ideas:


Start this by “shaping” your cat’s motion. Use a treat and hold it in front of your cat’s nose. Then, steadily move it toward the tail – there’s no choice but to sit. Ask your Livonia vet for proper rewards.

High Five

Once you’ve mastered the technique for teaching your cat to sit, it can be applied elsewhere as well. Do the same thing, but make contact with the paw. Reward your cat every time it completes the action. For ideas for types of treats, check with your Livonia vet.

Walk on a Leash

There are few spectacles like cats on leashes. It is adorable and easy to do with patience. Start with small movements around your place, then try moving outside. Reward your cat constantly!

These tricks and more can be found all over the internet. For more advice, check with Livonia vet.