The relationship between your cat and milk seems like a no-brainer. But when medical science looks into what milk offers, is it really necessary for a healthy life for Fluffy? As always, check with your Colorado Springs veterinarian before you change anything about your pet’s diet.

How They Process Milk

As cats grow older, they become less able to process milk. So this means that whereas Fluffy might love to gobble up a saucer of milk here and there, it might be necessary as she ages to decrease the amount she gets. All of the nutrients which are in milk also reside in normal cat food – and at higher concentrations. This means that milk doesn’t offer much of anything that your cat isn’t already getting from her regular diet. Check with your Colorado Springs veterinarian for more information about how your cat processes lactose as it ages.

Outright Intolerance

Milk can actually cause some health problems for some cats, just ask your Colorado Springs veterinarian. If your cat seems to be upset or have some sort of negative disposition, it could be from milk. Cats, just like humans, are born with higher concentrations of an enzyme called lactase so that they can process the milk from their mothers. However, as the cat ages, this enzyme becomes more and more scarce. Without this enzyme, it can lead to lactose intolerance which has similar effects as those in humans with the condition. Your Colorado Springs veterinarian will have more information on this.

Difference in Cow and Mom

Cow’s milk is a fundamentally different formula from the milk a kitten will get from her mother. In fact, cow’s milk can be unusually harsh on a kitten’s system, leading to digestive health issues. If you have an orphaned kitten, check with your Colorado Springs veterinarian for strategies to get it properly fed. There are formulas produced specifically for kittens that will absorb into their system far easier and with a significantly lower risk of complications.

Water, Water, Water

Water is far more important than milk for your cats. Before anything, your cat must be hydrated. Mammals can last much longer without food than without water, and being properly hydrated is one of the single most important things your pet needs. Make sure Fluffy always has a full bowl of water at her disposal!

There are many different complications which can arise from cats drinking cow’s milk. It is important to keep an open dialog with your Colorado Springs veterinarian to ensure that your cat is getting everything it needs. Make sure that your cat has enough water, and ease up a little on the milk. It will make for a happier and much healthier kitty! If you need any information, please contact your Colorado Springs veterinarian for more details.